YogaYoga is a moving meditation meant to control the breath and still the mind as you are guided through postures or asanas meant to promote flexibility and health.  Classes usually involve sequenced movement, breathing or pranayama techniques, and simple meditation. Yoga is practiced for health and relaxation. 

How Is Yoga Beneficial To Your Health?

Yoga not only helps you obtain a healthy body and mind, it also helps you maintain good health throughout your life. There are many benefit to participating in the practice and theory of yoga.

-Improve flexibility

-Gain strength and tone your muscles

-Breathe easier

-Have more energy

-Maintain a balanced metabolism

-Reduce weight

-Increase cardio and circulatory health

-Become athletically stronger and build stamina

-Repair and protect injuries

Woman Yoga Canyon

Hatha Basics

This foundational yoga class focuses on alignment and breath while entering, holding, and exiting postures. Focusing on the basic asanas this class allows beginners to test their boundaries with their body as they learn proper alignment and control of the postures.


Yin classes focus on long (3-6 minutes) holds in postures meant to open the body and promote a flow of energy through the body.  Only floor work in involved with the help of blocks, blankets and straps as you are mindfully guided through asanas. Yin is a restorative class for the mind and body.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means “breath synchronized movement” and is meant to connect you to the power of your breath as you are guided through a sequence of asansa that flow like almost dancing. This faster paced yoga class is meant to build strength and flexibility as you inhale and exhale through different bodily postures.