Sports Performance

Sports Athletic Trainer

Are you an athlete? Would you like to enhance your Sports Performance and improve your Strength, Acceleration, Agility, and Power?

Are you plagued by chronic injuries and looking for a way to stay healthy throughout the season? Our sports enhancement programs are designed to give you the edge you are looking for! Programs offered by an athletic trainer range from 1-on-1 sessions to group speed clinics. Our certified strength and conditioning specialists will develop a functional athletic training program that is specific to your sport by addressing the planes of movement, body position during movement, and speed of movement.

In addition, therapists will perform an initial assessment by measuring your acceleration, agility, power, and power endurance and design a personalized athletic training program that not only reflects the demands of the sport, but improves the your overall athleticism.

Sports Athletic Trainer & Enhancement

Athletic Trainers & Sports Enhancement Programs

As degreed professionals, each sports athletic trainer uses an integrated approach that is evidence based to improve your power, strength, acceleration, and speed endurance with specificity to your sport.

All of our sports enhancement programs are customized to your specific sport and includes specific measurable goals so you can track your progress. Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge and are able to effectively train ANY sport. 1-on-1 sessions are 55 minutes.

Want to train with your teammates and save money? Our group speed clinics are an affordable option to get the results you desire with the motivation of a group setting. They are perfect for a preseason tune up or to enhance your strength, endurance, and acceleration at any time. Group sessions are 55 minutes for 3-10 participants.

Come in today for a free initial sports enhancement session with a licensed sports athletic trainer!

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