Outpatient Physical Therapy

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions are performed by a Doctorate prepared licensed physical therapist. Sessions are designed to correct any deficits found in the Initial Evaluation. Sessions include postural correction, manual therapy techniques to improve joint mobility, strength/edurance exercises, core strengthening, balance training, gait training, functional training to return you back to your sport/daily activities, modalities as necessary, and home exercise instruction. Other outpatient physical therapy services include pediatric, vestibular, sports, TMJ and hand therapy. Our outpatient physical therapists use modalities such as electronic stimulation, 830 laser therapy, dry needling, cupping, ASTYM, ultrasound, heat, ice, or any of the many cutting edge modalities we have to eliminate your pain and promote tissue healing.


We participate with most private health insurance plans, HMO, PPO and Medicare programs. We also accept lien and auto accident and workman’s comp cases. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

Do I Need A Physician Script To Receive Outpatient Physical Therapy?

NO!!! Arizona has Direct Access Law for Physical Therapists. This means that you DO NOT need a physician’s script to see a Licensed Physical Therapist in Arizona. In most cases you do not need authorization from your insurance company either! Therefore, there is nothing that will delay or postpone your path to becoming pain free. At Canyon Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy; we will check your insurance benefits for you prior to your Initial Evaluation so you are aware of your insurance benefits and/or patient portions. We have skilled and knowledgeable front office staff that can explain your benefits to you. We operate with 100% transparency; this way you are aware of your benefits PRIOR to any treatment being performed. Honesty, transparency, no surprises; this is the way we operate at Canyon Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy.

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