BNA Concussion Testing

BNA Concussion TestingSome of the most important things in life are unseen.

Brain injury is no different.

BNA TECHNOLOGY allows us to lift the veil and better understand brain recovery.


At Canyon Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy we care about kids and are serious about protecting their futures through comprehensive concussion management. We have invested a significant amount of resources, time and staff training to bring this technology to the Valley. Our goal is to revolutionize concussion management in the Valley to greatly reduce the number of permanent brain injuries and deaths each year.

We are proud to be the Valley’s first and only physical therapy clinic in the Valley to offer BNA Concussion Testing!

Now, for the very first time, we actually have the technology to monitor brain recovery following concussion and objectively know when brain injury has resolved. Through this technology the guess work regarding brain recovery has been removed. This allows us to make decisions based on objective FACT rather than FEELING in regards to brain recovery follow an incident.

Introducing BNA (Brain Network Activation) Technology by Elminda. Developed by researchers in Israel, this cutting edge technology now allows us to see a 3 dimensional brain network activation map. This map allows us to accurately track and monitor brain recovery following concussion.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 3.8 MILLION sports related brain injuries occur each year.

Statistically between 8-14% of ALL participants in sports will sustain a concussion throughout a given year. This is nearly 4 kids in 30.

In Arizona in 2014; 58,000 were baseline tested and 8,500 sustained concussion (14%). Many go undiagnosed and unmanaged.

Historically doctors have been in the dark when diagnosing and managing concussions.

Repeated undiagnosed concussions may cause cumulative brain damage or even death.

Imagine if we could objectively monitor brain injury recovery and understand when it is safe to return to activity?

BNA Technology allows us to do just that.


Brain Network Activation (BNA) is making this all possible.

The BNA Technology maps the brains functional network activity, generating Brain Network Activity (BNA) map.

The test evokes specific brain processing and measures Action Potentials (Neuronal Firing).

The Data is then uploaded to the cloud and multidirectional clustering and network analysis is performed.

This data is mapped against a data repository of aged matched brain activity maps and the baseline map (if performed prior to concussion).

Next a 3 dimensional map is then created and compared with the baseline map or age appropriate normative data map.

This powerful data is used to SHOW if the brain is fully recovered or is still healing.

This data along with your neurologists exam will allow accurate tracking and known BNA function so accurate return to activity decisions can be made.

Advantages of Brain Network Activation™ Testing

-Allows physicians to better understand a brain injury such as a concussion
-Detects and measures actual brain activation
-Reassurance for return to participation decisions
-First-of-its kind, groundbreaking technology that measures brain function
-Canyon Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy is the only Brain Network Activation™ Testing Center in Arizona
-Annual preseason test used to compare a change in brain activity following a brain injury
-Cleared by the FDA, unlike many concussion testing protocols on the market.

The BNA Testing Process

The BNA Test process starts with scheduling your BNA Test. The next step is then receiving the test at one of Canyon’s BNA™ Testing Centers. Once the BNA Test is complete, your Brain Network Activation (BNA) report is stored in a secure, de-identified cloud-based database, that can be accessed by a physician if a brain injury were to occur.

Why Should I Receive a BNA Test?

The BNA test provides additional information for medical professionals determining the proper functioning of the brain, especially after an injury such as a concussion and can aide in the safe return to participation. Currently, much of the information that health care professionals utilize is subjective. BNA Test results provide health care professionals with objective information regarding the actual functioning of the brain.

BNA Technology Compared to Other Concussion Tests on the Market

Computer based tests measure behavioral function. Advanced imaging tests record any structural changes. The large units that measure structural changes and metabolic changes often cost thousands of dollars.

BNA technology is a test that measures the brain function. The brain has an incredible ability to compensate for a decrease in network activity. An athlete can appear to be functioning normally through all other test measures, but still have a significant deficit in their network Activation. BNA technology has the ability to measure this.

BNA™ Testing Frequenty Asked Questions

Brain Network Activation™ (BNA) Testing offers everyone the opportunity to receive a revolutionary new test that provides physicians with information about the brain that has not existed until now. Please read through the following frequently asked questions regarding BNA™ Testing.

Can’t find your answer? Send our concussion experts an email at and we will find you an answer!

Q: Who can receive a BNA™ test?
A: BNA™ Testing has received FDA clearance to be used individuals ages 14-24.

Q: Who can administer a BNA™ Test?
A: A BNA™ Test can be administered by any Canyon certified BNA™ Specialist. Canyon BNA™ Specialists have received over 30 hours of training on the BNA™ Testing devices, and are required to maintain their certification through continued training.

Q: What is a baseline test?
A: Baseline testing is used to establish a benchmark when a player is in his or her non-concussed or “normal” state. Ideally, this should occur before the athletic season begins. This baseline test is good for up to one year.

Q: Does Brain Network Activation™ Testing detect past concussions?
A: No. BNA™ Testing is able to detect current brain activity. It is unable to detect past brain injuries that have already healed.

Q: How can I schedule a BNA™ Test?
A: A BNA™ Test can be scheduled by contacting a Canyon BNA™ Testing Center as listed below.
Brain Network Activation™ Testing Center Locations

Canyon Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy

19420 N. 59th Avenue
Suite H-830
Glendale, AZ 85308


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