Group Fitness Classes


Group Fitness Classes

The Ultimate Fitness Program

The Ultimate Fitness Program is designed to succeed where all other fitness programs fail. Our high intensity INDOOR boot camp will get you to your goals faster than ever before and during the process, educate you to lifestyle changes designed to maintain and improve upon your success. The program will:

  • Maximize fat loss
  • Promote lean muscle gain
  • Strengthen joints and ligaments while reducing risk of injury
    • Provide you with specialized exercises tailored to YOUR professional and recreational lifestyles
    • Educate you on effective nutritional choices
    • Teach you proper strength training techniques

    Fitness Program Benefits

    Looking and feeling better; Living longer; Effective stress management; Positive mental attitude; Lowered cholesterol levels; Reduced risk of injury, heart problems and osteoporosis; Reduced incidence of illness; Increased energy levels…and many more!

    Workouts are refreshing, yet energetic and vitalizing. The levels of training in our system can be tailored to provide workouts gentle enough for mothers-to-be or challenging enough for “superfit” professional athletes. Drawing upon the extensive range of exercises in the levels of our training system, we created individual programs that work for everyone regardless of age or physical condition.

    Group Fitness Schedule

    Below is a schedule of our group classes! Find a class that fits your needs and RSVP today by clicking on the call below, or by calling (623) 374-2910!