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Can Reflexology Help With My Organ Issues?

There are a few physical disciplines that can reduce stress and offer powerful relaxation. One of the most effective is Reflexology. A Reflexology session can do wonders for eliminating tension and putting you at ease. But did you know that it could also help you with your organ issues? At Canyon Physical Therapy, Reflexology is one of the servi...
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deep tissue massage and a swedish massage

Differences Between A Deep Tissue Massage & A Swedish Massage

Massages are a staple of physical therapy.They are relaxing, therapeutic, and can do your body a world of good. But there are several different styles of massage to choose from. Which technique would be best for you? If you’re wondering what the difference is between deep tissue massage and a Swedish massage, Canyon Physical Therapy can help ...
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Care Evaluation

Is Physical Therapy Only for Sports Related Injuries?

When most people think of physical therapy, the first thing they think of is sports related injuries. It’s often how physical therapists are depicted in the media: As professionals tending to and treating wounded athletes. While it’s true that many patients seek out physical therapy for sports reated injuries, physical therapy is a field that c...
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Massage Therapist

8 Benefits of Massage Therapy

We all love the idea of pampering ourselves with a day at the spa. There’s nothing like a massage to get us to relax and forget about our worries, even if it is just for a 45-minute session. But what if we told you that relaxation was only one of the many benefits of massage therapy? What if we told you it could help you sleep better, or even ...
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