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Best Back Pain Exercises

Best Exercises For People With Back Pain

Exercising while you’re suffering from back pain can be an ordeal. You want your body to build up enough strength to better handle the pain while also trying to avoid aggravating your back pain in the first place. At Canyon Physical Therapy, we know which exercises can do right by your back and alleviate your pain. Here are some of the best ba...
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Personal Trainer

6 Benefits Of Working With A Personal Trainer

Just because you can do it alone doesn’t mean that you should.  You may be able to get yourself in shape and strengthen your body on your own; but if you want to really get yourself on the right path working with the guidance of a personal trainer is the best route to take. Trainers can help you avoid the pitfalls and potential injury  that can...
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Best Home Exercises

Best Exercises To Practice In The Comfort Of Your Home

You don’t have to go to a gym to stay healthy. While getting out of your comfort zone and working in an environment where everyone around you is trying to better themselves can be motivating and energizing, you don’t need to leave your house to stay in great shape!. At Canyon Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are experts in best home...
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Strengthen Your Core

7 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

They’re called “core” muscles for a reason! A powerful core can supercharge your health and give you the power and strength you need to handle a wide range of activities. The stronger your core, the stronger the rest of your body will be! At Canyon Physical Therapy, we know how important it is to have a strong core. Here are seven reasons ...
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8 Ways To Improve Your Balance

Cats always land on their feet. Human beings aren’t so lucky. Even the most graceful of us slip and fall on our faces on occasion. Luckily you can build up a sense of balance that felines would envy, if you practice certain moves and methods over time. At Canyon Physical Therapy, helping our patients improve their balance is one of many things t...
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Treat Chronic Tendonitis

How To Treat Chronic Tendonitis

It’s good to push yourself to your limits, so long as you don’t go over them. Our bodies are made to get stronger and more powerful as we put them to the test, but they can also fail us if we push them too hard and too fast. And one of the most common problems that athletes and devoted physical fitness followers have to deal with in their quest...
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Foam Rolling

5 Major Health Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rollers. You may have seen them at the gym, or tucked away in the corner of an office. You may have asked yourself these questions when you first saw foam rolling in action: What are foam rollers? What do people do with them? And is foam rolling something that I should be doing? Your questions are about to be answered. Also known as self-my...
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5 Tips On How You Can Reduce Overuse Injuries

Regular exercise is the key to living a long and healthier life. Physical fitness comes with all sorts of physical and psychological benefits that can enhance your life in radical ways. If you aren’t careful, though, exercise can also lead to potentially debilitating overuse injuries. At Canyon Physical Therapy, we have years of experience hel...
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shoulder mobility

How To Improve Overhead Shoulder Mobility

It’s easy to take our bodies for granted. Sometimes we lose sight of what they’re capable of until they stop working like they’re supposed to. A case in point: your overhead shoulder mobility. It’s probably not something you think much about. But if there comes a day where you try to reach behind you and feel a sharp pain in your arms, or i...
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office workouts

Workouts You Can Do At The Office

Nothing is more important than taking care of your health. You can always get another job, you can always get another home, and you can always find someone else to love, but you can’t get another body. You need to treat that body right whenever and wherever you can. Even at work. If you’re like most Americans, your job is probably pretty sed...
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