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Dry Needling or Acupuncture

Is Dry Needling The Same Thing As Acupuncture?

Sometimes the best way to deal with pain is to give it a poke. If you’re dealing with muscle pains and strains, a session of dry needling can work wonders on your body by relaxing tense muscles and relieving chronic pain. Many people think that dry needling is just another name for acupuncture but that isn’t true. While they have some simila...
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What Is Dry Needling, And How Can It Help Me?

What is Dry Needling, and How Can it Help Me?

There’s nothing worse than living with chronic pain. Each day is a struggle, and even the most minimal tasks can seem insurmountable. If you live with pain on a daily basis, then dry needling, a new technique offered at Canyon Physical Therapy, may be just for you. Related: Common Things Physical Therapy Can Treat What is dry needling? Dr...
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