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6 Benefits Of Working With A Personal Trainer

Just because you can do it alone doesn’t mean that you should.  You may be able to get yourself in shape and strengthen your body on your own; but if you want to really get yourself on the right path working with the guidance of a personal trainer is the best route to take. Trainers can help you avoid the pitfalls and potential injury  that can come when you try to do all the work by yourself.

At Canyon Physical Therapy, we’ve seen firsthand just how effective personal training can be. Even the most strong-willed of us need a little motivation and support every now and then. Here are six of the many benefits of working with a personal trainer.

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Proper Technique

Never underestimate the importance of proper technique. Many sports and fitness-related injuries happen due to poor technique. Personal trainers know the proper techniques for each type of exercise you’ll be doing. They can lead you through each exercise, step by step, showing you the proper techniques and offering you feedback if you don’t do it right. They can offer you a level of guidance and oversight that will help you achieve your goals while making sure that you don’t injure yourself in the process. Another benefit a Canyon PT is that our trainers have access to the highest level licensed physical therapists in the Valley. If you have had a prior injury our trainers can consult a PT how to best work with you!


It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re trying get in shape. Exercising can wear you out, and if you don’t achieve your desired results fast enough you can feel dejected and demoralized. It’s hard to keep thinking of the long-term and believe that all the hard, occasionally painful work you’re doing is worth it. And while you might start off your new fitness regiment with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, that fresh spirit can be whittled down quickly after a few weeks of intense workouts.

This is where having a personal trainer can really come in handy. Your trainer is there to keep you motivated and involved in your workouts. They help set the pace for your exercises and they can make sure that your expectations are realistic. They’re there to remind you that your goals ARE achievable so long as you don’t give up and keep doing your best.


One of the dangers of working out alone is that you aren’t accountable to anyone else. It can be easy to let yourself slide one too many times. You might skip an exercise one day and think that you’ll make up for it next week. Next week turns into next month and soon your totally off track..

Your personal trainer is there to keep you honest and on the right path.. They’ll know if you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to be doing. And since you’re making the financial and time commitment to do personal training, you’re more likely to want to be accountable and stay the course.


Your trainer will design a fitness program that’s tailored to you.  They’ll talk to you and find out what your fitness goals and needs are, as well as access your current physical condition. They’ll put together a program based around this information, one that will challenge you and push you to achieve your goals while making sure that you don’t injure yourself or get burnout.

While you can certainly set goals and work towards them on your own, you won’t have the comprehensive health knowledge that trainers have. You may think to work one group of muscles without realizing that you need to work several other groups too so you don’t throw your body out of balance. This is why their personalized fitness programs are so effective and necessary: They’ll have you working on parts of yourself that you never would have thought of.


Another advantage of having a personal trainer is that they’ll keep you from getting bored. Doing the same exercises over and over again can get old really fast. Trainers will spice up your fitness program by introducing new types of exercises throughout your regime.  That way you’ll be able to acquire new exercise techniques and skills and work out different parts of your body, strengthening your entire body over time.  And because they know so many different approaches to fitness, they can find you new methods to try out in case what you’re doing now isn’t working out for you.


Personal trainers are educated to understand the science of fitness and nutrition. They understand how the different muscle groups work and relate to each other. They can give you advice on what supplements you can take to help you meet your goals, and which foods you should eat and avoid as you train. Your nutritional needs can vary greatly, depending on your goals: What may be an optimal diet for someone trying to lose weight could be very inappropriate for someone who’s working on body building.


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To find out more about how we can help you achieve your personal fitness goals, call Canyon Physical Therapy at 623-374-2910.

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